ماشین چاپ VEGA3000


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ماشین چاپ VEGA3000

سری: VEGA3160  VEGA3180 ماشین چاپ دیجیتال پارچه VEGA3000 مناسب جهت تمام الیاف پارچه، ویژگی ها و مشخصات فنی ماشین در ادامه قابل مشاهده است. محصول شرکت: Atexco  

Patented Product

Blanket roll to roll media feeding, patented.

High sharpness and vivid color

Integrated industrial stainless steel print head, better resolution and sharpness.

Ink drop size, speed, quantity is controlled by both software and hardware, which ensures outstanding uniformity, penetrability, sharpness and vivid color.

4 to 8 ink colors optional to meet different requirements on speed and quality.

Compact design saves factory space

Compact design of VEGA3000 helps user to save cost on land investment.

Start small, grow big

VEGA3000 is a good choice for medium and small enterprises to start digital textile printing with small investment.

Vega 3000 TS
Vega 3000 TS
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