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خمیر چاپ

محصولی از شرکت:    Bozzetto Group کاتالوگ محصول:      ASUPRINT E-NS مجموعه خمیر چاپ شفاف که به منظور روکار برای چاپ پارچه های سفید یا روشن مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. این محصول مشابه خمیر بی رنگ پلاستیزول بوده با این تفاوت که با آب و بدون حلال و مواد سمی قابل استفاده است.

Compound “ready to use” (water based) for printing on garments with great resistance to the drying on screens.

PVC, phthalates and formaldehyde free.


                Cotton and its blends, PA lycra.

                It is color-able with ASUPRINT pigments (until 100 gr/kg)

                It allows print on conventional serigraphy systems and in machines (carousel) with intermediate infrared dying without blocking screens.

When stopping, leave the screen covered with the paste and later you can print again without problems.

It allows to print keeping the paste humidity during 12 to 20 hours.

It can be used 34 to 120 threats/cm2 mesh.

In extreme cases of heat and dryness, add a small quantity of water to increase the humidity degree of the paste and continue working without problems.

Excellent elasticity

Good washing fastness

Similar handle to the conventional plastisol


                Appearance:                      Viscose paste

                Color:                                    transparent

                PH:                                         7-9


                Print, dry and curing       3-4 min at 150-160°C

Wash the screen with water

For faster cleaning, add PRODER E-695 NUEVO and the rests of pastes, resins, fibres, etc. will be immediately removed.

خمیرهای چاپ  استاندارد  اتحادیه اروپا را داشته و دارای  تاییدیه از INDITEX و BLUE SIGN , OKOTEX می باشند.

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