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نرم کن

کاتالوگ:ENASOFT 244N

Main Composition:

Complex of fatty acid


Technical Index:

Appearance:                                                        White flake

Ionic character:                                                    nonionic

pH(10% ):                                                          8.0-10.0

Solubility:                                                            soluble in 70 Celsius degree hot water

Properties and Features:

Suitable for finishing for cotton, flax and their blends, it is mostly suitable for finishing of knitted brightened 100% cotton and P/C.

It will impart treated fabric with soft, bulk and a little smooth handfeeling.

With good stability and compatibility, it can be used together with other cationic, anionic and nonionic finishing agent in one bath.

No yellowing, will not affect brightness and shade of treated fabric

Easy usage, it can be used in padding or exhaustion process.

Direction of Usage:

Emulsion preparation method (Concentration 10%):

(recommended method) one fold ENASOFT 244N + 4 folds cold water or warm water, stir it and increase temperature to 65-75 degree, maintain stirring for more than 30mins, after dissolving very well then add 5 folds cold water, filtering and packing after stirring evenly.

One fold ENASOFT 244N + 9folds cold water, stir it and increase temperature to 65-75 degree, maintain stirring more than 30mins, after dissolving well then decrease temperature to 40 degree, filtering and packing.

Pad process: dosage is 20-40g/L(the prepared emulsion), dry after padding(room temperature).

Exhaust process: dosage is 2-5% ( the prepared emulsion) (o.w.f.)

                    Temperature:  30-40 degree for 10-15mins

Package & Storage:

25kgs net in PP bag, can be stored for 12 months under dry, cool and ventilated condition.


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