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To keep the work environment clean, use ROQ Asp At ROQ we create, design, and build automatic screen printing machines. Both Oval and carousel. These screen printing machines on average output 1000 pieces per hour. With the same traits across the board, quality, durability, precision, and updated with innovations every year. ROQ created a series of modules to complement the screen printing activity.

Technical Specs

ROQ Asp is designed to vacuum excess flock after flocking. This accessory is mounted on a print head and is fully compatible with the ROQ automatic screen printing machines Available in two widths: 620 mm/24” and 470 mm/18”


One of these is a module to flock during the screen printing process the, ROQ Flock. The ROQ Asp was designed primarily to complement the ROQ Flock. Traditional methods of flocking are known for the huge amounts of fibers that contaminate the environment in the print shop. The traditional methods are so intrusive that big areas could become colored due to the excess amount of fibers. With the ROQ Flock this problem was eliminated with the added bonus of making it much faster and more profitable. As ROQ is in the business of automatic screen printing machines, with the emphasis on the automatic, it always looks for ways to make the workflow in a print shop as efficient as possible. After flocking a piece there are always flock fibers that did not adhere to the glue. These will come off easily contaminating the print shop. As the flocking is being done automatically this would lead to a notable amount of waste that needs to deal with. The ROQ Asp was designed to be installed under any print head and vacuums the excess flock or other impurities from the garments improving the quality of the final product. It is powered by the automatic screen printing machine to which it is connected. Its vacuum head runs all over the print collecting all the loose fibers and impurities into a bag making sure the work environment says clean.

flock asp

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