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ROQ is bringing to your workshop a new tool to make your operation even more efficient and profitable.

Technical Specs

Print head RICOH Gen 5; Max res. 1270 X 2400; Available in 2 models, XL and 4XL; Clamp system compatible with ROQprint machines; Eliminates the use of positive film; Improved setup times; ROI one to two years.


ROQ is bringing to your workshop a new tool to make your operation even more efficient and profitable. The ROQ CTS Ink is a specialized digital printer. Its function is to print screens for the screen printing process. This machine was heavily researched by ROQ so that the end product is up to the highest quality standards. The print head was chosen with the goal of creating the highest quality product possible, the RICOH GEN5. As main advantages, we point out the 7 Picoliter droplet size, industrial robustness, reliability, and quality. The ROQ CTS Ink interprets the drawings from the files using the ROQ Studio powered by NeoStampa. The resolution that will be most commonly used is 1270×1200, however, the machine has the capability to boost its resolution up to an impressive 1270×2400. The ROQ CTS Ink is available in two models, the XL model 660x1050mm or the 4XL model 1100x1600mm. On top of the mentioned advantages, your team will save a ton of time during the setup of any screen-printing job. By saving the positive film and all the associated costs of the traditional process a medium size workshop will have the ROI between one up to two years. ROQ CTS will make your job easier, faster, and above all more profitable!
Maximum measure of the screen – mm (inch) 660 x 1050 (25.9” x 41.3”) 1100 x 1600 (43.3” x 63”)
Maximum print area – mm (inch) 500 x 700 (19.7” x 27.6”) 950 x 1250 (37.4” x 49.2”)
Maximum print resolution – dpi 1270 x 2400 1270 x 2400
Printhead resolution – dpi 600 600
Compressed air consumption – l/hour 20* 20*
Maximum consumption – kVa 2,5 2,5
Lenght – mm (inch) 1950 (76.8”) 2570 (101.1”)
Height – mm (inch) 1446 (57”) 1446 (57”)
Width – mm (inch) 1289 (50.7”) 1728,5 (68”)
Weight – kg 400 550
Power supply (VAC) 230V+N, 2x230V

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