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ROQ Foil is the module that ROQ created to apply foil in the workflow of the screen-printing machine. Foil is in the category of what in the screen-printing world calls “special effects”. Special effects are some unusual technics applied during the screen printing process that gives the finished product a different look, feeling, and touch. This is a way of increasing dramatically the value of a piece. Some examples of these technics are glitter, 3D, flock, and in this specific case foil.

Technical Specs

Compatible with ROQ YOU, ECO, Oval PRO and Oval EVOLUTION; Fully automatic foil application; No human intervention in the process; – Maximum production of 450 pieces per hour.


Foil has the look of metallic paper. It is “stamped” on a textile surface by using heat. Usually, this is done using a heat press and an operator dedicated to this task. With ROQ’s technology, you save 90% of the time and all the labor cost. This is achieved because our ROQ Foil works connected with any ROQ screen printing machine. This eliminates the need for a dedicated operator. The process is as follows: In one screen it is applied the glue on top of the fabric on the exact spot you want the foil. Next, the fabric goes into the ROQpress foil. Each ROQ Foil, depending on the design to be printed, can apply up to 3 foil colors in one passage. The mechanical process is very simple. The temperature is set by the operator at the beginning of the run. Then the ROQ Foil puts the foil on top of the fabric and then a heat press applies the necessary pressure and heat so that the foil adheres to the textile surface. ROQ holds the patent for the ROQ Foil. With the ROQ Foil applying foil is no longer an expensive and lengthy operation. No labor and time is spent on this process since it is embedded in the workflow of the screen printing machine. Making this a very fast and profitable process. The added value of the finished pieces will be much higher.
Drawing width (mm/inch) 350 x 500 / 17” x 24”
Compressed air consumption (l/min. 7 bar) 95 / 3.4
Power Supply (VAC) 230V+N, 2x230V
Maximum temperature (ºC) 200
Max. consumption (kVA) 2.5
Total length (mm/feet) 1450 / 4.75’
Total height (mm/feet) 1400 / 4.6’
Total width (mm/feet) 760 / 2.5’
RoqPress Foil-Roqpress Iron

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