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With the ROQ Hybrid you can combine glitter, foil, flock, crackle, 3D, etc., with colour precision, high resolution and a huge colour gamut that digital printing allows for, all while achieving a great hand feel.

Technical Specs

Max. productivity 320 pieces/hour (depending on print size and number of passes) Perfect synchronization with an automatic screen printing machine; Intuitive to use; High-end industrial print heads with recirculation incorporated; CMYK or CMYK +2 colors; Maximum resolution 635X2400 DPI; XL print area; Print height 1 to 6mm; Z-axis adjustable to the height of the fabric to be printed; Uses pigmented ink – ROQ Micropigment 2.0; Tailored RIP software – ROQ Studio powered by Neostampa.
Do you want a hybrid printing process with hybrid printing t-shirt? Well, this ROQ hybrid printing machine will do it! With advanced hybrid printing technology, it combines the best features of  the incredible screen printing machines made by ROQ with the 3rd generation digital printing machines produced from the ground up in our 47,000 square meter facilities in Western Europe. These silk screen printing machines fused with digital printing to put an end to the discussion about screen printing vs digital printing. In fact, it could be designated as a digital screen printing machine as it combines the best qualities of a screen printing machine with the new era of digital printing. On fabrics where it is possible to have special effects such as flock, foil, glitter, crackle, high density, discharge and more, those will add a lot of value to your prints. It is not a direct to garment printer in the concept we are used to, but an enhanced screen printing experience by using both screens and digital to print t-shirts and other kinds of fabric.

Additional Values

ROQ Hybrid has the following added value for this fusion between screen printing and digital printing: » Great standards of high production with digital quality t-shirt printing » Color sharp and detailed prints with large color gamut for screen printing shirts and other garment » Easy to operate and simple to maintain like a silk screen printing machine » Saves money due to the minimum number of two screens enhanced for digital printing All in all, ROQ, as always, supplies solutions. The ROQ Hybrid is the solution for the future of screen printing. Just consider the fact of those demanding jobs that you need to think 2 or 3 times before accepting. They will become easy jobs for you and your company with the best of “2 worlds solution” that ROQ Hybrid is aggregating digital and screen printing as a whole! Note that with the ROQ Hybrid you can combine glitter, foil, flock, crackle, 3D, etc. with colour precision, high resolution and a huge colour gamut all while achieving a great hand feel.

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