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ROQ Storm – a tiny tornado at your service ROQ is now present in over 60 countries on all five continents. Exporting to the entire world allows ROQ to have contact with several realities in the screen printing world. In many places, ROQ discovered that the screen printers had problems with dust and impurities on the fabrics to be printed.

Technical Specs

ROQSTORM is an independent module created to vacuum/clean fabric, either from flock or other impurities the fabric might have Fabric pieces up to 787mm/27.56” wide and 900mm/35.43” long


This is a big problem for many of our customers. If your textiles have impurities on them, these will make the surface uneven. Meaning that when you print, all of those imperfections will affect your prints. These imperfections will become non-conformities. This will obviously reduce your productivity and your profits. We studied the problem and we understood that some of these impurities are really hard to remove. The ROQstorm is the answer to this problem. Printers always had problems in cleaning the excess of flock from the garments. The ROQ Storm is a perfect complement for this type of work. After the pieces are cured out of the dryer an operator picks the piece and runs it through the ROQstorm. After this step, the piece will be completely free of any impurity or excess flock and ready for packaging. These were the needs we identified in the market. So we designed the ROQstorm a powerful machine that solved all these problems. The same sexy design as the automatic screen printing machines from ROQ with our other traits, quality, durability, precision, and smart design. ROQstorm is a powerful solution to remove any dust, flock, or any other type of particles from your textiles by a powerful vacuuming system that keeps your shop tidy and clean. It’s like have a small tornado inside your print shop at your command!
Length – mm (inch) 2200 (86.6”)
Height – mm (inch) 2975 (117”)
Width – mm (inch) 850 (33.5”)
Suction max. width – mm (pol) 785 (30.9”)
Max. length of the piece of aspiration – mm (pol) 900 (35.4”)
Electrical consumption – (kVA) 3
Power supply (VAC) 230V+N, 2x230V
Roqstorm- Roqcool

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